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So, you’re trying to decide which person is the right choice to manage your vehicle for you? Okay, well I have a pitch for you about why I should be the solo choice for your vehicle. What are you used to when you get auto/auto repair services? I would venture to guess a decent wait time, having to go into one location, and uncertainty. If I’m not spot on with that, I believe that I’m close to the mark. What if I told you I’m about to offer you something better with simplistic changes? I can by simply switching from a standard way of doing things to a mobile way.

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Wait, there are mobile vehicle services and repairs now?  Yes, indeed, that is the future of most if not all services, especially auto/auto repair services. Doing an easy change to the way these services are done means so much benefit.  Both to you as a customer and me as a mechanic. I’m what’s called a mobile mechanic. Which is a mechanic who travels out to their customers and helps them out. Your time is precious to me so I don’t think it should be used driving to me. Or needing to wait longer to have your vehicle services and repairs completed.

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Let’s examine the three areas I mentioned earlier. The ones that I proposed you may be used to. The first is a decent wait time for your auto/auto repair services to get done. It takes longer overall because of the travel you need to do. Plus, other people working for someone else have rules that hinder their speed. I run my business, so I don’t have anything holding me back time-wise. And me coming out to you saves you time as well. The next area to examine is having to have service at one location. Pretty straightforward working out of one building and not being able to leave doesn’t benefit you or the mechanic.

The final area to examine is the uncertainty involved when using anyone else. Are you going to get the same mechanic you got last time that did a good job? Will you be without your vehicle for an extended period?  In the end, will there be a bill that won’t hurt your wallet? All these questions are ones you must ask in most places. These are not things you have to ask or think about with me. I take all the uncertainty out of your vehicle services and repairs. That’s one of the many things that make me great. And what gives me the ability to provide the highest quality auto/auto repair services.

The Go-To Tallassee Mobile Mechanic will always be me because of how much I care about all of you

There isn’t a moment that goes by where I’m not thinking of how to deliver my services better. They’re already outstanding but I know its imperative to continue to work for perfection.