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Tallahassee Mobile Mechanic Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils

Tallahassee Mobile Mechanic

Most people have probably heard spark plugs mentioned but it's less likely they’ve heard ignition coils brought up. Unless of course, they had a problem with their ignition coils that needed to be worked on. Then they may have seen it written down on their bill or mentioned by their mechanic. But let’s go over ignition coils first since they are less well-known than spark plugs. Ignition coils are the middleman between your spark plugs and your battery. They take the power provided by your vehicle’s battery and covert it. That conversion allows it to be transformed into a usable form for the spark plugs.

Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils Services Tallahassee

Okay, then what do the spark plugs do? Once they get that power that has been converted, they fire up the engine. They literally create a ‘spark’ to get your engine to start up and get your vehicle running. These two engine components work as a team with the battery and the engine to start your vehicle. Without them working then the battery’s energy doesn’t get converted and the engine doesn’t get any spark. And without that spark, it won’t start up which means neither will your vehicle. So, it would follow that the care and maintenance of these under-the-hood parts are mission critical.

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For your spark plugs and ignition coils you only want the number one person in town working on them

You may be asking who that number one person is, it's me.  Why is that? Because I have so much extra experience and education than everyone else in the city. How is that possible? It's possible because I have a whole additional avenue of knowledge and experience that is not available to anyone else. Or if it, is it’s a rare thing and the education and knowledge in that area is limited. What is that avenue you ask?  It’s the mobile aspect of auto/auto repair services. That is an area that most people who work on vehicles are lacking experience or knowledge.

Okay, but how does a mobile experience make work done on spark plugs and ignition coils better? There are three different ways it makes it better.  One is that it makes getting service for those engine components more convenient for you. Another is the time and money you save by getting these under the parts serviced where you are. The last one is the focus on you and your vehicle that the mobile experience provides. You avoid towing which saves time and money. And with mobile vehicle services and repairs only one customer is serviced so the full focus is on those parts.

I make your vehicle more reliable for you

Not having to worry about spark plugs or ignition coils malfunctioning makes your vehicle more reliable. Because you won’t have your engine misfiring or not starting up. And you’ll have less time when your vehicle is stuck in the driveway. That’s what I as a mobile mechanic give to you.  And that’s something I’m proud of.